WALCON INTERNATIONAL was established in 2020 as an exporter of premium South African and Namibian meat. Some of the best meat and cheese in the world are produced here at the Southern tip of Africa, and it is our intention to share our remarkable culture and love for meat and cheese with the rest of the world. Our partners include the Lionel's Vet Group of companies that boast world-class facilities to ensure optimum animal health and meat and cheese preparation throughout our value chain.

We pride ourselves in really trying to understand what the customer wants and to prepare every product to suit our customer's needs. Specific protocols in preparing the meat can be developed for every customer to give them a competitive edge in the market place. Examples include hormone and antibiotic-free meat, packaged to the specifications of the client, in their own branding.

We like a challenge, and to add value throughout the value chain for all our stakeholders.

We pride ourselves in:

Premium Meat Products
A Large Range of Fresh and Frozen Meat Produce
Food Safety
Premium Cheese Products
High level of Customer Focus
Clear and consistent communication