April 8, 2021





Simba ( DTC8023) bred by the Denvor stud has been used as a breeding sire in the Walcon stud. He comes out of a superior breeding line of top sires and achievers at the National championship. His father is well known stud sire JC5060. JC5060 achieved a second place at the 2016 National Championship in Pietermaritzburg in the 24-36 month class and was a close runner-up to eventual SA Grand Champion JC4046. JC5060 was used extensively by Jancor stud (JC) as well as Denvor stud (DTC), who did exceptionally well with his offspring at the 2018 National Championship in Bloemfontein. Simba (DTC8023) has continued the legacy by producing outstanding offspring at Walcon. Many of his young ewe lambs have been kept back at Walcon for breeding purposes and his young ram lambs are showing lots of promise and will surely follow in their fathers footsteps. Top young rams of this breeding line will be kept for breeding purposes.



Simba is a massive ram with deep, round hind quarters. He is high on his legs with a big frame and strong legs to pack on a lot of meat and carries his weight (165kg) with ease. If you need to increase the size and height of your animals along with the meat on the hindquarters, this is the ram that will do it. What impresses most about him is his frame. He moves well, shows good fertility and given good health he should be delivering a lot of offspring in the years to come. Simba turned 3 years on the 25th of May 2021 so still has a long breeding future ahead of him.



In total Simba will produce approximately 130 lambs at Walcon stud with his re-production indexes correlating well with his own breeding values. Fertility shown is high with a lambing % of 165% achieved on the ewes that have lambed from Simba to date. Both his female and male offspring are top notch showing lots of promise.





The progeny of Simba are showing good size, strong legs with excellent hindquarters. His female progeny are now being mated for the first time and we look forward to see what they will reproduce. His male progeny are muscular and big with strong legs and a lot af meat on the hindquarters. Definitely a ram that can form the backbone of any stud’s breeding program.



Simba (DTC8023) will be going on sale at the Overvaal Ile de France auction at Ottosdal show grounds on the 7th of August.



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