Walcon International strives for our quality products and service excellence to reach the world with a thumbs up every time. For this reason we partner with companies that share our vision and passion to do the same. Here they are:

This primary agricultural site in the Western Cape focuses on the sustainable farming of cattle and sheep.

Osdam also uses technologies supplied by the Lionel’s Group in order to ensure efficient production of beef and mutton.


The Roelcor brand is a trusted brand within the industry and has been in operation for more than 30 years.

The Roelcor abattoirs have four sites in the Western Cape that supply beef, mutton and pork meat to the national retail and wholesale markets


Woody’s combines age-old recipes with leading food technology to provide a range of premium speciality cured meats.

Meat is sourced from trusted farms that practice ethical farming methods and where the well-being of animals being reared is of utmost importance


Afrigistics specialises in a comprehensive range of transport logistics services and supply chain solutions to, from and within Africa. With a network spanning 120 countries, as well as having the right people, systems and strategic partnerships, we have the resources and reach to not only deliver, but continuously exceed your expectations.